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death doula services

Dying is deeply personal, and it is my goal to provide you with the most complete and fulfilling experience in death you can have. Therefore, my services will be specific to your needs and desires. Below are some examples of the types of services I offer as a death doula. We will always begin with a complimentary exploratory meeting to identify the kinds of support you might want or need.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, a nurse, a therapist, or a mental health professional. I will not be providing any medical care, legal advice, or medical advice, but I can provide resources for nurses, lawyers, and therapists.

Legacy / End of Life Planning

Discussing end of life choices, resources, assistance with advanced care directive paperwork, post-death arrangements, life story narration, photographs and other legacy projects

Holding Vigil

Support in the "eleventh hour," or active dying. Helping in providing comfort. Respite vigil work for loved ones.

Emotional Support and Processing

Processing the grief of a terminal diagnosis or the end of life, grief and rage rituals, identifying your needs and your support system, facilitating discussions around your needs

Ceremony Guidance

Help with planning or creating memorial services, funerals, celebrations of life,​ or other rituals, assistance in writing eulogies or obituaries

Closure and Amends

Processing regrets, conflicts, or estranged relationships. Creating rituals for closure, letting go, and forgiving yourself or others. Support in making or receiving amends, if desired.

Family Grief Support

Grief support and resources for family members, beloveds, and community

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