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About My Pricing

I believe in the power of community, compassion, and mutual support. I also recognize that we exist in a society where economic systems usually necessitate charging for services in order to sustain ourselves. While I envision and work towards a future rooted in liberation and communal well-being, I acknowledge the realities of the present: a world shaped by capitalism. From this standpoint, I want to transparently explain my pricing structure. My fees are a reflection of the time, expertise, and energy that go into providing the services I offer.

The services I provide to individuals are unique, and tailored to your personal situation, needs, and wishes. Think of this page as a guide, not a contract. 

I am committed to creating access for all, and offer sliding scale fees for those facing financial hardship. If you find these prices financially out of reach, please don't hesitate to reach out, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.


A 45-minute initial consultation (by zoom, phone, or in-person if you are in the Greater Portland area) is complimentary.

End of Life Doula/Companion Services: 

  • End of Life Planning Sessions (90 min) $150

  • Vigil / 11th Hour Hourly Rate: $85 - $100 (depending on how long and what hours)

  • Ceremony Preparation / Eulogy Writing Hourly Rate: $85

  • Flat Rate Packages Available (typically $500 - $2,000)

Abortion Doula/Companion Services:

  • Abortion Companion Hourly Rate: $75+

  • Respite Care / Childcare Hourly Rate: $60

  • Flat Rate Packages Available (typically $250 - $500)

Divorce Doula Services:

  • Divorce Companion Support Hourly Rate: $85

  • Logistical Divorce Support and Navigation Hourly Rate: $95+ (note this is not legal advice)

  • Flat Rate Packages Available (typically $300 - $1,200 depending on services requested)

Travel Fees:

I currently live in Portland Oregon, but will travel within a 4 hour radius to provide services in person. I ask for a pay-what-you-can fee for travel. Most people contribute $25-$100, depending on the distance.

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