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Image by Juan Davila

additional grief support

I also provide grief support in other areas. I like to use the weird queer as a verb, and not just an expression of gender or sexuality. To queer something is to challenge, disrupt, or question the taken-for-granted norms and binaries of a given  concept. To me, queering grief work requires thinking outside the boundaries of what is and what isn't grief work. We can and do experience grief in a multitude of spheres in our lives. So, let's queer grief work together. Let's move beyond the boundaries. Let's build something; let's make something new. These services are typically one-offs, or shorter in time. I provide one-on-one, groups, and workshop support. 

Here are some examples of the kind of additional work we can do:

  • Grief Around Lack of Closure / Closure Rituals

  • Loss of a Pet

  • Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

  • Friendship Break-Ups

  • Climate Grief

  • ​Grief of Having a Chronic Illness

  • Parental Ambivalence and Caregiver Grief 

  • Pandemic Grief and Fatigue
  • Leaving a Church / Religious Organization
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