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abortion doula services

I strongly advocate for abortion anytime, anywhere, any person, any reason. While abortion is stigmatized in the US and the government is constantly pushing for legislation to restrict abortion, I believe abortion is a basic right, a perfectly normal bodily experience, and a social good. Informed by activists such as Shout Your Abortion and Thank God for Abortion, and with training from the Black-owned and queer-run organization Birthing Advocacy Doulas, I provide radically pro-abortion doula services. My services will be specific to your situation, needs, and desires. Below are some examples of the types services I offer as an abortion doula. We will always begin with a complimentary exploratory meeting to identify the kinds of support you might want or need.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, a medical professional, a therapist, or a mental health professional. I will not be providing any legal or medical care or advice, but I can provide resources for medical professionals, therapists, and legal services when needed.

Logistical Assistance

Discussing choices for an abortion, and planning next steps and connecting to abortion medical resources. A discussion of the abortion process and what you can expect. If desired, transportation to and from medical provider if needed, company during surgical abortions if desired.

Enthusiastic Celebration

Providing respite support around your household while you are experiencing your abortion. This can include doing laundry, going grocery shopping, doing the dishes, or caregiving for children, so you can focus on taking care of yourself.

Emotional Support and Processing

Providing a safe, judgment-fee container to hold space for your emotions about your abortion. Even if an abortion is wanted, big changes and transitions where we can see a diverging path for our future can bring up intense emotions and grief.

Ritual and Ceremony

Help with planning or creating ceremony or ritual around abortion. Sometimes clients choose a private ritual, but some people choose to have an abortion party or ceremony where that invite their beloved community. We will discuss ideas and plan the ritual(s) that work best for you.

Nonmedical Somatic Support

Somatic support to provide in physical comfort and care during the abortion process. This can include providing heating pads, bath preparation, herbal support, body scans, light food preparation, stretching and yoga positions to aid in comfort.

Storytelling and Listening

Storytelling is an important part of abortions, and grief work more broadly. In a country where abortion is stigmatized and often criminalized, taking up space where others can bear witness to your story of abortion is a radical act.

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